Advantages & Disadvantages of Homeopathy

Posted by Shahla Ahsan Sunday, March 22, 2009

If you’ve always used allopathic doctors, you’re probably curious about the advantages and disadvantages to homeopathy. Just like you wouldn’t want to try to make your own herbal remedies from plants you dug up in your backyard without someone to guide you, you won’t want to stumble into the world of homeopathic medicine without knowing a little about it.

Homeopathy has a growing base of fans in the United States, but it has at least as many opponents as it does support.

Advantages of Homeopathy
Proponents of homeopathic remedies are quick to point out that homeopathic doctors take a holistic approach to medicine. You will be asked questions about your lifestyle, diet, sleeping habits, exercise habits, personality and medical history, all in an effort to help you get your body in the best health possible using natural stimulants and remedies.
Many people like the fact that homeopathic remedies are natural and made from diluted organic substances. The idea that the body can heal itself when properly stimulated to do so appeals to those who do not want to put unwanted drugs and chemicals into their bodies. Many homeopathy cures are even regulated by the FDA these days, so people feel much safer taking these remedies than in the past.

Disadvantages of Homeopathy
Probably the most significant disadvantage to homeopathic remedies is that there is little scientific research to back up the many assertions put forth by homeopaths. Many of the homeopathic cures sold today are made from an original formulation of a substance that causes a symptom, immersed in alcohol, then diluted with water. The original tincture (referred to as the mother tincture) is diluted over and over again. Sugar pills are then dipped in this solution, which scientifically does not contain even one molecule of the original tincture, and then is put into a bottle with other sugar pills, where the tincture is supposedly grafted to the other pills.

Even if each of the pills are dipped in the solution, the amount of substance being introduced to the body is very small. This causes many scientists to question if some homeopathic remedies aren’t just psychological remedies, causing a placebo effect instead of bringing a true cure.


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